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NICMAR Business School

NICMAR Business School (NBS), a constituent of NICMAR University, aims at providing holistic education to develop dynamic professionals who will lead businesses in the new era. NBS endeavours to create an immersive environment to explore and hone creativity, imbibe knowledge and develop life skills through experiential learning. The broader objective of NBS is to provide pragmatic solutions for industry, society and nation at large through state-of-the-art teaching and research.

NBS builds upon NICMAR’s legacy of more than 3 decades of expertise in management education. In the last three decades, NICMAR has developed significant linkages with industry and has delivered impeccable placement records. NBS begins with this reputation in the industry already established, which contributes towards easy absorption of its students in relevant managerial and leadership roles. The main pillars of NBS are its highly qualified and supportive faculty, who are doctorates from esteemed institutes and universities, including IIMs and IITs. The faculty also engage in high quality research and publications, as NICMAR University generously supports and funds research by both faculty and students. While the state-of-the-art infrastructure, classrooms, hostels, ICT, sports facilities, library are the attraction features for young students, NBS also attracts the bright intelligent minds through awards and scholarship schemes and funding for student activities.

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